Running Car Total


Three Mazdas and a Ford pickup make up our new running car total. Friday was quite an eventful day in automotive adventures for the Price family. The adventure started on Thursday when Ro was late meeting me for lunch at Phở 79. While I was waiting, the owner of Phở 79 asked me if Tristan needed a car. I said “For a matter of fact she does. What do you have in mind?” He told me he had another Mazda RX-8 for sale, and thought I might be interested. Tristan met me and Laurie at Phở 79 that evening, we test drove the car, and loved it, of course. We discussed the car over our dinner of crayfish and other Vietnamese dishes, and then we worked out a deal on the car after dinner.

Laurie and I spent early Friday morning picking up our Ford F100 from the shop, and paying for the RX-8. I went to work and Laurie went to school, then we spent all Friday afternoon taking care of the taxes, title and registration — we are now a three Mazda family.