I Put Diesel In The RX-8


Since we had the newly acquired RX-8 in the shop for service, I took Tristan to the Heights to pick up Diesel, who she is dog sitting for a friend. I put Diesel, his crate, dishes, blankets and toys in my RX-8, which where a rather tight fit, and drove him to Tristan’s. Diesel is a very well behaved, black German Shepard, who enjoyed his rather cramped ride across town. He even gave me a wink over the thought of putting Diesel in the RX-8.






4 thoughts on “I Put Diesel In The RX-8

    • Thanks! Diesel is a very sweet dog. I learned his owner got him because no one wanted a black German Shepard even though he is a purebred with papers. 35 years ago black German Shepards were all the rage out here, and cost 2 to 3 times what brown and black standard German Shepard cost at the time. It’s funny how tastes and fashions change in animals as well as everything else.

  1. These are beautiful pictures of my little guy! I am very glad he was well behaved for you. Sometimes he gets anxious or excited.

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