Lady Larva and a Rose

Betty Boop

Our roses are starting to bloom and the ladybug larvae are working on the aphids.

Ladybug larvae on Iceberg bud


Marmalade Skies







15 thoughts on “Lady Larva and a Rose

  1. Remarkable shots and we learned something…didn’t know those guys were lady bug larva…didn’t know they ate aphids…wonder if we have any. Gorgeous Tim!! P.

  2. Beautiful photos! Love the closeups of the ladybug larvae. Gorgeous roses! All of ours died back to the roots this winter as we had a long spell of unusual single digit weather here up here in Oregon’s Cascade foothills They are coming back up from the roots, but they all made it. I guess we will find out soon enough which ones were grafted rootstock. A few have buds now.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! This is the first year since 2005 that we have not had hard frosts (so far anyway) that turned our rose canes black, down to the bud unions. It’s also the first year in the same period the wisteria didn’t get zapped by late frost. If we don’t get our usual late May early June hard frost, we might even get fruit this year.

      In 2005 we had a very late, very hard frost that out right killed over 76 rose bushes in one rose bed alone. Many of those were rose bushes on their own roots. We’ve discovered over the years that J&P bare root roses and the David Austin roses have been the most durable in the face of cold winters and late frosts.

      We also have a giant Dr Huey that actually blooms two, sometime three times every year. Because Corrales gets late frosts, you see lots of Dr. Huey’s blooming along Corrales road every June. I named Dr. Huey the patron rose on Corrales;)

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