The Trouble With Hairy


The trouble with this Hairy Woodpecker is that it gets on the very top of this telephone pole, which is still a little out of reach of my 200 mm lens to get a super clear shot.






16 thoughts on “The Trouble With Hairy

  1. Those are still nice photos! We get a lot of Flickers out here where we are. The drill holes in the tops of apples during harvest. The fruit look great from below, but pick it and you get a face full of water, rainwater that has collected in the conical hole made by the birds. Listen carefully and you can hear them laughing….

    • Thanks! We have flickers as well, but since we rarely get fruit because of our late frosts, and when we do get fruit, we rarely get rain, the flickers haven’t been able to pull that practical joke on us.

      One day when I was out in the yard, a flicker zoomed by me with a hawk in hot pursuit. The flicker flew right up to the trunk of a cottonwood, made an instant u-turn, dived under the hawk and flew fast the other direction. The hawk crashed into the tree, recovered and perched on a branch for a few minutes, lye looked pretty disgusted, before he took off in search of easier prey.

    • Thanks! If you want to photography birds, look at 300 mm or preferably 400 mm lenses, and you will still have to crop the photos. 500 mm and 600 mm are nice for birds, but those lenses are really big, heavy and get to be quite unruly.

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