Laurie called me out to photograph this very large jumping spider that was hanging out on a deckchair’s cushion. We suspect she’s pregnant. She was difficult to photograph in the low light because she didn’t want to hold still. Although she did stop and stare into the lens a couple of times with a questioning look on her face.










28 thoughts on “Whazzup?

  1. Fabulous! I’ve seen my crab spiders this year, but not the jumping spiders yet. This one is beautiful. Great pics.

  2. wow i had a weird bug day too…….a huge australian beetle which i put in a secure holder which had about 60 baby scorpions on it….talk about creepy. the scoprions were attacking it i guess. fabulous shots you got of course!

  3. Gosh! The pics are beau… ah… great! But OMG I so detest spiders!!! They creep the life out of me! And am so amazed to see spider lovers here in the comment section! :-O

    • Hmm! How can you look at them with your eyes closed? She’s really a lovely spider. I’ll bet your daughter has probably come across some amazing spiders in Africa.

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