Desert Harbor Retreat — The Setting


Our stay at Desert Harbor Resort was a Christmas gift from Laurie’s parents, and we scheduled our stay for our 32nd wedding anniversary. Desert Harbor Resort is run by Raymond and his wife Wesley. Guests stay in a small house up the hill from the main house nestled below undulating cliffs among the juniper and piñon trees. The nightly rate includes breakfast, and guest have the option of ordering dinners as well. Guests can also get life counseling, time in a hot tub, and schedule messages for additional fees. There is a labyrinth guests can walk in and then sit in the center and meditate. On the other side of the cliffs the porch faces is a covered lookout, with a chair and a hammock, overlooking a canyon where one can relax, read or meditate. There are also trails for hiking in the canyon and beyond.



Laurie drawing a selfie


hot tub





Laurie drawing the cliffs from the porch swing


View of the cliffs from the porch


Interior of the guest house
Laurie modeling her new dress
Interior view looking towards kitchen and bath area
Laurie modeling her new pants and sweater


The labyrinth


view of the east side of the Sandias from the guest house
Raymond set chairs on top of a cliff for us to watch the sunset
The sunset from the chair on the edge of a cliff
Laurie sketching the sunset
Cliffs after sunset
View looking west from the cliff after the sun had set

17 thoughts on “Desert Harbor Retreat — The Setting

  1. What a great way to spend a 32nd anniversary! Love the pics of Laurie and her new clothes – such a wonderful color.
    The pics are, as always, wonderful. I rarely get to that side of the mountains, and it is nice to see it through your eyes.

    • Thanks, Susan. It’s in a great location with lots of photo ops. All of today’s photos were all taken within 500 feet of the guest house. Wild flowers, insects, lizards, snake and landscapes will be upcoming blogs as I get the photos processed.

  2. Happy 32nd Anniversary Laurie and Timothy! What a lovely vacation spot! All very beautiful photos, but my favorites are the one of Laurie modeling that new dress and the sunset.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! Laurie modeling her new outfits was one of the highlights of the get away. I got word as we were getting ready to leave that a package had come in at the office and was waiting on my desk. I knew they were the clothes we had ordered, so we dropped by the office on our way out — I slipped in the back door, grabbed the package, slipped back out and we headed for the hills with Laurie’s new outfits in hand.

  3. WOW! Happy Anniversary to you both. Amazing place and wonderful photographs, especially the vase and coffee I loved so much. Thank you dear Timothy, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

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