Fashion Lizard at Desert Harbor

The perfect show lizard pose

We also came across a couple of Collared Lizards while on our hike in the canyon at Desert Harbor Retreat (see earlier posts, starting with Off The Grid for the full series on Desert Harbor Retreat). The first we lizard saw was shy and wary of us, but the second lizard was a real show lizard who made a reptilian fashion statement by moving from one rock to another striking poses, then striking the perfect show lizard pose on a weathered log. I simply followed her around capturing her poses and cute expressions.

Looking good


Fashionable spots and collar
This is the shy lizard, not too sure about the guy with the camera
Keeping on weary eye on the paparazzi
Ha! You can’t get to me under this tree (notice the change in color to better blend in with the darker soil under the tree)
What are you doing on that side of the sticks?


The sultry look
Sketching the lizard


¡Hasta la vista! Thanks for the photo session!

27 thoughts on “Fashion Lizard at Desert Harbor

    • Thanks! In truth, the lizard opens its mouth to help cool off. We were in the direct, hot sun. But her open mouth was close enough to a smile for a closing ¡Hasta la vista! Baby! photo;)

      It was interesting how she stayed out in the sun posing in different places. She was completely aware of us and seemed to enjoy posing for us. I don’t know what goes on in a lizard’s mind, be she could have ran for cover like the other lizard did, but chose to stay out in the open with us.

      • When we hike, you can measure our progress in feet per hour. We take a long time looking at the plants, watching the birds and taking in the scenery. Often, we just sit in one place for awhile and the critters start coming out. Then we get opportunities to photograph and draw them, often a very close proximity.

  1. I’ve never seen such a beautiful lizard here in NM – what a handsome colorful fellow!!!!!! Amazing how you capture these specimens!!!!!!!!!!!

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