Hot summer afternoon at Le Café Miche in Downtown Albuquerque.



25 thoughts on “Hot

    • As dry as it is out here, the high temps aren’t bad at all. We were in Ravenna, Italy one summer with 104º F temps and 99% humidity. Now that was miserable.

      • Oh yes, the dry makes the major difference. The humidity was just 4% the other day here in Las Vegas. 104 and 99% is insane! Make you pass out.

  1. A pleasant 75 degrees here today, light breezes and sunny. Worst I ever saw here was 112 degrees one day in July some years back. Hope that doesn’t happen again. How hot does it get it Corrales in peak summer?

    • My weather station shows a max from last year of 111º F, but it usually stays below 100. It’s so dry here that even temps over 100 don’t feel so stifling like they do in places with high humidity.

  2. Well, the gauge was a clever way to record our incredible heat wave – nice shot…But the colors of the Café Miche photo were wonderful…Give credit to Claus for having added the yellow flower pots on his sills – I shot them the other night without this clarity and cycle focus…so thank you – great shot!! I will share on a Gold Avenue post…Please come by and let me fill you in on the latest stuff in the hood. My efforts have been dashed – that’s an understatement…I am stressed.

  3. You are so right, heat minus humidity works. Plus humidity not so much. I’ve lived in 30 states and the only ones I really wanted to stay in were in the westernmost United States where humidity is low to non existent! I simply love that blue café, bike and red umbrellas – excellent! I do hope that was an ICED coffee you had on such a hot day. Its my staple in summer – iced Americano (love the extra shot you get in the cold drinks)!

    • Thanks! There’s a Ural Motorcycle dealer in Santa Fe, so I’ve been seeing Urals. Espresso Fino is next door to Le Café Miche, so any mixture of iced coffee is available. I did a blog on Espresso Fino when they opened in March.

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