After a lot of banging, bending, and creative work, I got the swivel portal-door for the darkroom I’m building repaired and working after the shippers had trashed it as best they could. Now I have the rest of the framing done, the exhaust fan installed, and the sink roughed in.


Tuscan Sun

21 thoughts on “Framed

    • It’s a slow project. I’ve been collecting parts like the sink and portal when I find good deals. We had to reorganize to clear out the space, and then there always seems to be other things that have to be done. But it’s slowly coming together.

  1. I have fond memories of darkrooms and the magic of photography. There is something truly wonderful about doing things by hand and physical rather than all in the computer. The rose photos are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Juliette! Not only is the “done by hand” element there with film, it’s also archival. I have a big safe full of hard drives with my photo files in duplicate and triplicate; but still, if there’s no power, the drives won’t run; and if OS or hardware upgrades make the drives unreadable, all those photo files are gone.

  2. Looking forward to see more about the darkroom… I remember a friend of mine who build a darkroom in the attic.

  3. Glad to hear the door is repaired and the darkroom project is underway. Memories of days of old…most of my darkroom work was with transmission electron micrographs (in the sheet film era), and processing Tech Pan 2415 film from photos taken through the light microscope using an Olympus OM-10 camera.

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