Rammed Earth & Native Grasses


“This integral arrangement — minimalist home of rammed earth walls, plus native grasses — works perfectly as a unit.” reads the introduction to the writeup on the Roger and Mary Downey Garden for the Corrales Garden Tour we went on last weekend. The house sits in the center of the property surrounded by native grasses. Since this is only late spring, the grasses are just starting to grow. The grasses are best seen in the fall when they have reached their full heights and display their varied colors — colors that are reflected in the rammed earth construction of the house.

South face of the house. The interior shots below show the rooms from left to right in this photo.
Artists were painting various scenes.
Stand alone bedroom with its one bathroom.
Entry and long hall on the north side of the house.
Livingroom and kitchen
Master bedroom
Master bath
Long hall leading to the last room on the east end of the house.
The last room on the right (east end of the house) has a display of figurines, a throw rug and a frosted glass table.
Interesting ceiling in the last room on the right.
Looking down the hallway back toward the entrance from the last room on the right.



19 thoughts on “Rammed Earth & Native Grasses

  1. Nice design on that house. Great photos! I like the native grass plantings. Hope you can post some photos of what they look like this fall when they are at full height and autumn color.

  2. Like these pictures a lot. Never seen floor level windows like those before, but imo they work very well and give the corridors a really distinctive appearance too. Did the booklet happen to say anything about how the rammed earth walls were made? They also give a very distinctive look to the house.

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