Soft Focus Hummingbird


This hummingbird flew up and hovered in front of me, I got it in focus, but it started flying off just as I released the shutter, moving out of the narrow focal plane.


12 thoughts on “Soft Focus Hummingbird

  1. The hummingbird may have flown out of the focal plane but gave you a great shot of the speed of the little fellows. I almost feel its vibration. He did you a favour 🙂

    • Thanks! And you are right. Hummingbirds are funny. They are curious and will fly up and hover right in front of me, but the aways move to the side or away from the lens if they are facing me. I think they may see their reflections in it.

  2. Nice Impressionist-like photo. That’s about what they often look like in my visual field by the time I figure out where the wingbeats are coming from. The hummers are fast, and curious! I’ve had them come over and hover while I have been working in the raspberry patch. One actually hovered in front of the old kitchen window and looked in. I used to keep red petunias out there which they found attractive.

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