I Fought The Wall, And The Wall Won!

The best 270º panorama I could come up with from the left L to the right L of sheet rocked inside of the darkroom.

I sheet rocked in the darkroom Sunday. I turned out to quite frustrating and painful at times, mostly because the heads of the sheet rock screws strip easily. I couldn’t find a bit that seated well into the screw head, which made the bit want to slip off the screw head, so I ended up unintentionally driving the bit into my fingers and palms of my hands more than once. Over the past several weekends, I got water into the darkroom, ran electrical, and put in a light. Laurie came up with the title, because she said all the noise from screw heads striping and me yelling about a resulting injury, unintended hole in the wall or broken piece of sheet rock, sounded like the wall was winning. I took Laurie into the dark-side of the newly sheet rocked darkroom to check it out, and as I swung the portal door around she said “I can’t see a damn thing!” It is dark inside, so I think I’ll go “soccer” on it and call it a tie!

180º panorama of the left L, portal in center and right L.
Outside of the darkroom, all sheet rocked except around the top of the top.

14 thoughts on “I Fought The Wall, And The Wall Won!

  1. Looks good! Projects always take longer than one would like (I’ve got a few of those myself), but that looks like you will have a great workspace when it is all done.

    Easter lilies started blooming today. Heat setting in here now in the Willamette Valley. Forecast is for 100 today.

    • Hope you don’t fry too badly in the heat. It’s going on two years since I started on the bathroom remodel and have sever finishing touches to complete, and it only took me a little over a year to replace a door with broken glass, so in light of the status of projects, the darkroom is moving right along.

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