Forty Legged Shower Mate


This six inch long centipede which may be everything that nightmares are made of scurried out of the drain when I got in the shower this morning.  But I think the art was me, completely naked, doing macro shots of a wet centipede in the bathtub. Since he couldn’t scurry around as much because he was wet, he made defensive gestures by raising his rear prongs into striking position as I got the lens close to him. After I finished photographing him, I scooped him up and put him outside where he can find roly poly bugs and other pests to eat.









17 thoughts on “Forty Legged Shower Mate

  1. I always think it is kind of amazing what photographers will do for their photographs. Now, in your case, I know you actually like those critters. But I can envision even people who don’t like them still grabbing their cameras before they did with them whatever they were ultimately going to do with them. Great pics by the way

  2. Those are great photographs of the centipede. I do try to put the various bugs outside too, even the yellow jackets. My favorite multi-legged ones though are the sowbugs and pill bugs, which I think are the same as your roly poly bugs. I knew of one person from England who had heard them referred to as “The Grandfathers” or “The Little Grey Men” growing up.

  3. Wow, that would wake me up fast! I’m glad you had your camera handy as I’ve never seen one that close.

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