Day Lilies


The day lilies are blooming.








27 thoughts on “Day Lilies

  1. Beautiful lily photos, Timothy. Quite a variety in color, and I like the composition, especially the last one is quite striking. I like the white one quite a bit too, and will keep an eye out for some for my own garden. I’ve never seen a white one before.

  2. Very good evening Sir! (It’s 21:30 hrs here in India) Such a pleasant sight of these beeyoutiful flowers… Vibrant in colour & so perfectly captured 🙂

    I wanted to say sonething to you… I really appreciate how you promptly like each post of who ever you are following. Thanks for doing the same on mine too. I ain’t that good a writer but sharing something in this virtual space really makes me happy. And followers like you make it worthwhile. Thank you again!

    With earnest regards,
    Torque Earnest 🙂

    • I’m sorry I haven’t commented. I don’t comment much on posts with a lot of writing. I think most people’s writing needs much more attention and reflection in a comment, and I rarely have time to give what I consider a good comment on writing. It’s easy for me to comment on photos and art, but I find it more difficult to comment on stories and other writing because I need to really think about what people have written to make a worthwhile comment.

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