Day Lilies & Darkroom


We are getting a nice variety of day lilies with interesting colors.



Sink with faucet and shelves. The black square in the wall is a light tight exhaust fan.
The enlarger will go on this area. The silver top is a portion of an old elevator door. Old elevator doors make great tops because they have solid cores, covered with an 1/8 inch thick brushed stainless steel. So even this 34 inch wide top weighs about 60 pounds. When the elevator door top is attach to the walls it makes a very stable surface.



13 thoughts on “Day Lilies & Darkroom

  1. The lilies are like jewels!
    I know you are going to love your darkroom. You are making great progress!

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I learned how to do almost all the construction trades, plus furniture and cabinet making when I was in my teens. I have used my handyman skills ever since. It’s too bad that these days the laws don’t allow teens to work in the “unsafe” places, and use the “dangerous” machines and tools that I used to learn my trade skills. Not only do they not get work experience, they do not learn and hone skills at a young age that will stick with them and be useful for the rest of their lives.

  2. You’re getting there, Timothy! Looking forward to see more about the dark room. Love the flowers too!

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