Light Up My Life


Since I don’t have a 220 volt outlet in the house, other than the dryer, I had to lug one of my dad’s old, 75 pound linear amplifiers to my neighbor’s machine shop to plug it into his 220 volt outlet — the tubes glowed. Like film photography and manually operated machining lathes and millers, high powered transmitting tubes are so 20th Century.





16 thoughts on “Light Up My Life

    • A friend tried to give me a tube powered guitar amp some years ago that needed most of the tubes replaced. After pricing out replacing the tubes, I declined to take the amp. The cost of the tubes was about double the cost of getting a new solid state guitar amp.

  1. But the technology is still so fascinating! And builds, and builds upon itself. One of my favorite quotes from Sir Isaac Newton: ” If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”.

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