1964 Custom Impala


A very well done, highly customized 1964 Chevrolet Impala was in the alley downtown, where a modeling agency was using it as a prop for a photo shoot. They had finished the photo shoot by the time I was leaving the office, but the car was still there. When the owner saw me walking up with my camera, he told me to please take as many photos as I would like. He took me around the car and explained some of the details, and the cost of the various engravings, all done by hand — only $50,000 dollars for the engraving on the chrome on the rear end and spare tire cover in the last photo.







13 thoughts on “1964 Custom Impala

  1. I’m not a car person, but even I recognize that is one sweet ride! The engraving detail is stunning. I’m too practical to ever own anything like that…. I’ll take a used car with dents already included 🙂

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