Lightning Show


I was talking to an engineer, who is also an avid photographer, about taking lightning photos when I went up to pick up a piece of equipment he had been working on. We were noting that lightning is easy to photograph, but the danger made up for how easy it is to photograph. On may way home at 11:00 pm, there was a nice lightning show over the city, so I pulled off to the side of the road in the rain, set my camera on top of the car to stabilize it (didn’t have a tripod in the car), and took a few lighting photos before I got soaked in the rain. The results are interesting.







14 thoughts on “Lightning Show

  1. One of my favorite subjects, lightning. May get some tonight, as it is not cooling off very quickly and the clouds are coming in. Some of my favorites are of red sprites and blue jets, taken from above the clouds.

      • Have you ever seen ball lightning where you are? I never have, but read a fascinating book some years back, published by the Hungarian Physics Society on the subject. A collection of anecdotal sightings from around Hungary, which they claim has the highest incidence of ball lightning in the world.

        We did get a T-storm here at 4:00 AM this morning. Noisy, but little to no rain in our location. Brunt of the storm was northeast of us.

        Keep those lightning photos coming! I love them!

      • WE supposedly get ball lighting, but I haven’t seen it. I drove home in a rain storm yesterday, But I got home and didn’t hadn’t received a drop of rain.

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