The Birds & The Bees


Baby Blue Grosbeak took his first flight out of the black bamboo and fluttered over to a sunflower. Daddy Blue Grosbeak hopped around near where baby had flown concerned about the paparazzo sneaking up on Baby Blue. Mama Blue Grosbeak fluttered around in the bamboo, but would not come out into the open. I got up close to Baby Blue, got some photos before he flew off into our giant Dr. Huey rose bush that made  his papa and mama very happy.

The temperatures on Saturday and Sunday were much cooler, only getting up to 80º F, so the birds and the bees were actively foraging on our abundance of plants that are either in bloom or going to seed.










15 thoughts on “The Birds & The Bees

  1. Beautiful photos, especially that hummingbird. Good to hear Baby Grosbeak had a good first flight!

    It’s still been in the 90s here. We now have a skunk, deer and a grey fox that are patrolling out back. All of them watch us work in the garden in the early evening, and Rick had a long conversation with the fox on the other side of the deer fence. The skunk recently started coming up on the porch after I had watered the plants there, trying to lick the leaves. I put water dishes out back, figuring they are thirsty. It’s been so dry that the critters are looking for water, anywhere.

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