Dinosaur In Our Midst


Up close and personal, this cucumber beetle larvae looks like a hyper-spiny ankylosaurus or other prehistoric creature. I don’t know what type of wasp is on the brown eyed Susan, but it’s quite colorful. The last photo is purple cosmos backlit in the early morning light.





19 thoughts on “Dinosaur In Our Midst

  1. Yes, the cucumber beetle larvae does remind me of a nudibranch. Pretty creature!

    We have quite the assortment of flower feeder and pollinators here too. Always amazed at the variety I see, especially on the spearmint flowers.

    That cosmos photo is absolutely gorgeous! I like the purple and green together. I don’t know how you do it, but your cosmos photos look as if the blooms have their own internal light source.

  2. There is something a little comical about the beetle larvae. He looks like he has a lot of little hands on little arms held out, singing “I’ve got to be me!”.

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