Synchronized Napping, Etc.

Leo and Nikita
Guildenstern blocking my computer reading the funnies
“Standing here lonely, like a broken cat! Serving my time, doin’ the best I can. Walls and glass they surround me. All I want is some sympathy…” I’m just “Inside looking Out.” Pleas let me out!
Mama Manx in a pile of bike clothes.
Rosencrantz on the fence




35 thoughts on “Synchronized Napping, Etc.

  1. Cats know how to nap, and be comfortable at it! I’m counting kitties – you have 6 here, and I think there is one more? They are a lovely little cat family!

    I finally got a photo of our resident skunk, out wandering in the table grapes. I stayed back behind the first row of blueberries, ready to beat a hasty retreat, but he/she didn’t seem to bothered by my presence. Next post I do, I’ll put the photo up.

    • I’m looking forward to your skunk photo. Generally skunks do not spray unless they feel threatened or are mating. Back in the days when I rode my bike to work, I would leave in the dark and get home in the dark. One skunk would run beside me halfway down the road every morning. Often when I pulled up in the evening, I would feel something bumping against my leg, I’d shine my light down and a skunk was bumping into me. Another time I was sitting on the deck in the evening and I heard something playing under my chair. I thought is was the cats, but then when I looked, a couple of baby skunks where wrestling under my chair.

      We have 5 cats in our house: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, Dinรฉ, Mama Manx and Spunk. Leo and Nikita belong to our daughter’s kitty family. Laurie was over helping Tristan with house stuff and took the photo.

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