Midsummer Light Scenes


Sandias in evening and morning light.






10 thoughts on “Midsummer Light Scenes

  1. Love these! I also like seeing images by you and Laurie in the same post. I love the way Laurie captured the light playing on the water, and the way you caught the fading light across the flowers in your yard.
    Reminded me of a lot of good times!

  2. All very beautiful photos, from both of you, of your area! Is it the Rio Grande that runs by Corrales? It looks like you get more clouds and rain in summer than we do here up in the Cascade foothills. I bet you do get some good lightning over the Sandias!

    • The Rio Grande is only about 1000 feet from our property. We get summer rains, which tend to be in afternoon thunderstorms that can be very local, and produce anything from spit to torrential rain over short periods of time. We got almost 3 inches of rain in an hour or so in downtown Albuquerque Friday evening a week ago, which flooded the downtown. We are 10 miles north of downtown and got zero rain that same night.

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