My Big Ten Inch…


I sit on the deck ready to get shots of zipper spiders, dragonflies and whatever other insects, birds and beasts come to visit the various foliage around the deck. — for some reason, Laurie got all excited and took cell phone photos of me with my big ten inch lens ready to shoot.  Take a listen to “Big Ten Inch” by Bull Moose Jackson.







23 thoughts on “My Big Ten Inch…

  1. Nice photos, from both of you! That is some pretty impressive equipment! Rick and I have an 10 year old Sony Cybershot. I don’t know how to use half of it. If I took the time to study the manual…. 🙂

    • Those cybershots are more complex than my big canon. If you get into all the stuff they do. And you can get great photos with them. They just don’t do some of the basic manual stuff that really makes a difference sometimes.

  2. I am not a camera savvy person but what makes me happy in this post is that finally I can see the person whose blog I diligently follow! 🙂 Thanks to Mrs. Laurie!

    P. S. Am sure my Dad would love those lens. He owns four cameras if I remember correctly & is currently hunting for an impressive DSLR.

  3. The last photos is unbelievably clear. I love it.
    The spider photo is great too, but it is so clear that it looks like it could climb right out of my computer monitor. I shudder to think…..s

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