Kernel Panic


Besides putting up three sacks of green chile over the weekend, we husked few ears of corn.





12 thoughts on “Kernel Panic

  1. Had a momentary Unix admin flashback when I saw the title of the post. 🙂 One never knows what little rascal may be lurking in a fruit or vegetable! The last variety of corn I tried to grow here was a polenta variety called Floriani Red Flint. It didn’t do well that year, but may try it again some year when I have more time to experiment.

    • At least you got the reference to Unix/Linux admin. The worms aren’t as bad on the corn as the raccoons. The raccoons pull the corn off the stock, peal the husks off,eat the tender tips and then throw the ear of corn on the ground. By the time you discover what the raccoons have done, the corn is ruined. So much for the idea that animals are not wasteful — raccoons are destructive and wasteful.

    • We had BBQ brisket that we slow cooked on the grill for 12 hours, fresh coleslaw and garlic bread with the corn. Then home made gelato and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert. It was all delicious;)

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