Yellow & Red


We have a forest of sunflowers and various dahlias in bloom. The last photo shows our outdoor weight room with its west wall of sunflowers.








15 thoughts on “Yellow & Red

  1. Beautiful photos, Timothy! I love the sunflower wall. The goldfinches and chickadees have already started feeding on the seed heads from our sunflower patch. The cats have ben glued to the window watching the little birds come and go.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! Our sunflower forest is paradise for the birds and insects who find food and refuge in it. The morning glories are climbing in the sunflowers, so there is nice mix of bluish purple and yellow backlit in the morning sun. The cats like the overgrown property as well.

      • I tried morning glories on the sunflowers this year, but I started them too late, and they probably will not bloom before frost hits. Will try again next year.

      • I don’t know where our morning glories came from, but they are really invasive, and I have to pull them off everything. I leave them on the sunflowers, and catio because it doesn’t matter, but they smother other plants.

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