Unsafe At Any Speed




16 thoughts on “Unsafe At Any Speed

  1. I believe Nader gave this car an unfair wrap. Part of the problem was the dolt behind the wheel as well as technical issues with the car. I remember riding this car as a kid. Nader should have stuck to bathtub safety issues.

      • Yes! He did. Gasoline powered automobiles provided, and still do provide, opportunities for independence, economic development and upward mobility more than any other transportation available.

      • Agreed.

        Call me fatalistic though, but I am referring to the untold numbers whom have died in these contraptions over the last 100 years or so.

        As with guns, guns don’t kill – people do. Driver error and stupidity kills. Sorry, I don’t mean to ruin your post!

      • Automobile related deaths from 1912 to 2012 totaled 3,573,817. But you have to consider all the lives saved by quick access to emergency services, better economic conditions, networks and systems for delivering fresh produce and other food products, quick access to goods and services and access to better jobs. The chance of being killed in an car accident is a small risk compared to the overall benefits of driving a car.

  2. I drove one of those “exploding” Ford Pintos a long time ago…. I’m waiting for a good hybrid pickup truck. I changed the oil, oil filter and the air filter on the Subaru tonight – odometer now reads at 420, 626 miles. Tomorrow I change the gas filter. After that comes the plugs and wires.

    • And you lived to tell about it! You have certainly gotten your money’s worth out of your Subaru. Not sure you will be able to get the longevity and miles you’ve gotten out of your Subaru out of a hybrid, or any new car, for that matter.

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