Las Golondrinas


Las Golondrinas is a living museum on a 200 acre site a few miles south of Santa Fe. They are having their annual harvest festival this weekend and all the sites and industries, set mostly around the early to mid 19th Century, are operating. We spent most of the day there yesterday, and I have a lot of photos to process, so for today, I have a few abstractly representative photos.






17 thoughts on “Las Golondrinas

  1. These are great. We had such a good time! I’m starting with the images from the “magic spot” 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more!

      • I have 400.
        I have way too many of the burro and sorghum. Other than that, I think most will be fun to process.
        It was a fabulous day – we had so much fun!

    • I have lots of photos, I’ll see how many posts I get out of them before Spunk or some other interesting subjects make me lose interest in posting photos of Las Golondrinas.

      • What organization sponsors that museum? That’s a great way to learn the history of a region. There was also another place you were going to go back and rephotograph when the grasses turned color in the fall.

      • I thinks it’s its own group that manages it. They have various events throughout the year, plus people can rent it for private parties, weddings, etc. Film studios rent it for movie sets. They say they have 50,000 visitors a year.

        Oh Yes! The grasses at the rammed earth house just a bit south of us. I’ll have to run over their this afternoon. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Thanks, Sharon. You would love Santa Fe, Taos and northern New Mexico. There are lots of art galleries, artists, and beautiful and interesting places and areas to photograph and paint. Most of NM is really beautiful, but it covers a lot of space, so it’s difficult to get to everything the State has to offer unless you stay a few months, a few years or come back many times, many times.

  2. Nice photos. Santa Fe is so historical… funny, I only visited once in the nine years that I lived in New Mexico (and that was a school field trip in fifth grade!)

    • Thanks, Janna! When you live in a place you often have to force yourself out to see the sights and participate in various events. We went to some of the Corrales Harvest Festival this year. Even though we live in Corrales, it’s the first time in about 20 years that we participated in the harvest fest.

  3. I love that cannon! Wonderful piece of history and how awesome for you that you were there. I’m a history buff and love to visit old forts and such. I grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas. I love this! Awesome photos. Look forward to seeing the others!

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