Cat in the Bag


No sooner had Laurie put her bag on the chair than Spunk was in it trying to bank up some modeling cash. He put on quite a show, and once he figured he was in the black, he started chewing on the bag.









23 thoughts on “Cat in the Bag

  1. I love Spunk, just as I love Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern! Spunk is such a live wire!! Thanks for the smiles tonight.

      • ooooo a man that know gel and teal! LOL Kidding! I love gel too! 😀 Of course your cat and purse photos are rocking! Don’t want you to feel left out! 😀

      • When I play guitar, I put on nails. When I played all the time, I had to keep my nails in good shape, so I know quite a bit about nails. It was after I started doing my nails for guitar many years ago that Laurie started painting her nails. She does her own gel nails.

      • Oh wow guitar I love that and nails do come in handy saves your finger tips! I noticed on one of your other photos she had orange sparkly ones and I loved those too! quite the stylish lady you have there! 😀

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