Iceberg with Aphids


Friday at dawn.



18 thoughts on “Iceberg with Aphids

  1. Your America is the healthiest one I have seen in this area!
    I took photos this morning also, but have not yet had a chance to process them. In my mind’s eye, the sunrise looked exactly as you have documented it here. I loved the way the entire yard glowed pink. 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan. There was a nice pink glow Friday morning. We have had several frosts, and while the roses near the deck are hanging in aphids are going for the Iceberg before they get frozen. America is under the canopy, so it hasn’t been compromised by the frosts.

    • Thanks, Cindy! Most rosarians would never post a photo of roses with aphids, but I really liked the shape of that cluster of roses, and it was too much trouble to try to brush off the aphids.

  2. Wow good morning Timothy! How are you? It’s MichelleMarie! I wanted to ask if I may reblog your butterflies for JM @thinkingpink. Both she and I have experienced death of loved ones and I wanted to reblog this and your butterflies if I may? Thank you so much MM

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