The End of the Cosmos


One last cosmos was hanging on among the dried ends of cosmos stems and brown, hardened sunflower stalks. A green butterfly landed in the mulch to warm itself in the sun before flying off to forage for what little flowers remained. I was going to start pulling up the dead sunflowers, but the finches and sparrows were still feeding on them, so they will remain standing awhile longer.





22 thoughts on “The End of the Cosmos

    • Thanks, Michelle! There is a white variety of this butterfly that is very common and prevalent through the summer months. I don’t see much of the green butterflies until late in the season.

  1. Beautiful photos, Timothy! The sunflowers sound like the Restaurant at the End of the Cosmos for the finches. Ours are staying up a bit longer too, as the little birds are still finding seeds to pull out and eat.

  2. Haven’t the cosmos and sunflowers been great this year? I still have finches and goldfinches feeding at them also, so mine are still up as well. Wonderful images, as always.

  3. I had to look up the translation – “So long and thanks for all the seeds!”. I have no excuse for not taking a Spanish language class at this point. I know a bit of Russian and my French is better – both are rusty, however. Thank you, and Herman, for the gentle nudge to expand my language horizons! 🙂

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