After Glow


I took a walk out to the river at sunset to see if the cranes or other birds were flying in to roost for the night. No cranes, but the glow after sunset was really beautiful.





28 thoughts on “After Glow

  1. Those are beautiful sundown photos, Timothy! Periodic rain here today, with some gorgeous cloud canyons against blue sky between storms. Temperatures in the mid 50s most of the day.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. We got some nice rain this afternoon, but had a major leak in the office, I discovered the company that put up pigeon control spikes, put them in the gutter and over the hole to the downspout, so the downspout was clogged and the gutter was running over at an exterior door that leads to the lower roof, channeling water into the building. I got up on a ladder in the pouring rain, lightening and thunder, and pulled the critter controls out of the gutter were they covered the hole to the downspout. When I went back inside, everyone asked me how I got all wet.

      • Sorry to hear about the leak into the office, and you had to fix it! Glad you did not get fried by lightning up there during the storm! You are one of the most capable and resourceful people I know.

      • It was one of those Mondays. Besides roof leaks, one of our servers got hacked by Islamic extremists, then a drive failed in one side of our X-RAID. So we were busy restoring websites, and finding all the malicious files. Then I had to find a drive for the X-RAID, it’s old Apple X-RAID that takes PATA drives. That was the best and most advanced RAID ever designed, and, of course, Apple wanted to get out of the server market and started their exit by dropping the X-RAID several years ago.

  2. I so LOVE your blog. The photo’s are always awesome. Perfect to look at when relaxing in the evenings. Bless you 🙂

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