Still Blooming


As this America Rose continues to fade to pink, the other three buds finally bloomed, as it begins it 4th week of blooming since I first photographed it:

While this rose has been really hanging in there over the past few weeks, I have been busy over the last couple of weekends: I repaired the dryer and got the parts to rebuild it while I had it apart, and then we went on a photo excursion over my birthday weekend. This past weekend I helped my neighbor with computer and network issues, rebuilt our furnace, picked up several bags of Halloween candy for half price (after Halloween sale), developed three rolls of film, went to a concert by the NM Philharmonic, got a new old scanner set up and tested, installed a new, larger hard drive in Laurie’s computer, and made prints from some of the negatives I developed. Now it’s back to work after a productive weekend.


16 thoughts on “Still Blooming

  1. That continues to be the most beautiful ‘America’ I have seen.
    You certainly have had a couple of productive weekends!!!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful rose! I’m not familiar with that one, but I’ll be looking into getting one. Sounds like you need to go back to work so you can get some rest! Blessings, N 🙂

  3. What a beautiful rose! The deer found our last pink rosebud and ate that one too… 😦

    You have been busy for sure! A human Swiss army knife, capable of so many things! Going back to work probably is a bit of a rest for you. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Work isn’t really a rest. Different demands.

      The dryer broke Saturday morning the 18th, by the time I got it out to the shop, taken apart, the problem diagnosed and found a supplier in Albuquerque that had the part it was 1:55 PM. The supplier closes at 2:00 PM on Saturdays. I bought the parts on the way to work on Monday morning, but didn’t get to repair and rebuild the dryer until Friday the 24th. In our dry climate, clothes dry outside pretty fast, but then they are crunchy and normally full of dust, cotton or whatever happens to be in the air. The dryer is a must, even in a dry climate. So I did not procrastinate on fixing the dryer.

      The furnace is a different story. I bought all the parts to rebuild it in October 2010, but then I was able to nurse it along without rebuilding it. We’ve had to run the furnace several mornings since early October and the furnace has been acting up a lot more so far this season, so I finely pulled out all the parts I got back in October 2010 and rebuilt the furnace. How’s that for Procrastination 101?

      Then there’s the bathroom remodel I started back in 2012. I still need to finish the ceiling — Hmmm! I don’t want to talk about it! 🙂

      • What kind of furnace do you have? Sounds like an oil or gas burner type?

        I almost tackled repairing the old dryer, but ended up picking a used one up from friends who run an apartment complex. It was some kind of metal band on the drum had broken and fallen off, creating a short. I think all Ihad to do as get the drum out and replace the band.

      • We have a gas furnace. Depending on the type ad age of the dryer, replacing the belt can be a major pain. I replaced the belt on one dryer we had, and I think it took me 4 or 5 hours and countless moments of frustration and disgust. Fortunately, our current dryer, which is only 13 years old (still new to me), was much easier to work on.

    • Thanks, Janna! You are supposed to be lazy on weekends, so don’t fret. Between my day job, medicating kitties and doing my blog, I can’t get much else done on weekdays, so all the major chores have to be done on weekends when I should be lazy and having fun.

      BTW I didn’t mention that I installed a new toilet seat after the original seat mysteriously broke (I think the ghosts did it). I also fed my boa constrictor, which is always a major task.

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