The Blacksmith at las Golondrinas


The Blacksmith at las Golondrinas pumps a giant bellows to stoke the fire. The blacksmithing process involves a lot of back and forth between the tools, the bellows and working the hot iron for it cools and goes back into the fire.










21 thoughts on “The Blacksmith at las Golondrinas

  1. Brings back memories of me watching my horseshoer when I was a teenager. He had a small forge in the back of his truck for heating shoes and working them to the right shape.

    • I remember one our local horseshoers had a 1970’s Oldsmobile with a forge in the trunk and an anvil mounted to the rear bumper. I was surprised to discover that he still has same car with the same setup. I was behind him on Corrales road the other day. I think he might have you beat on the number of decades he’s been driving the same car! 🙂

    • Thanks, Teagan! Craftsmanship and making things by hand is endearing. I’ve noticed that many movies that portend the future often use props, machines and mechanical processes from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries — I assume because of the artistry and they film well. The steam punk movement is good example of wearing vintage tech as fashion and using contemporary tech to it’s fullest. We don’t usually see raw artistry in modern production, simply the resulting products.

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