Cranes and Heron on the Rio Grande


I took a walk yesterday afternoon and got cranes and a heron on the Rio Grande just before sunset.







24 thoughts on “Cranes and Heron on the Rio Grande

  1. That is a lot of cranes at your place in the next to last image!!!!! Do you think those are migrating through, or do you think most of those are staying in your area?

    • We have been seeing a lot of cranes flying over ever day now. They ofter circle in bunches over our house before landing in the orchard north of us, our neighbor’s field on the south or the river. I would suspect most are passing through on their way to Bernardo and BDA. The cranes that are still hanging out here in January are the ones that are going any further south for the season.

    • Thanks, Michelle! The mountains are named the Sandias, because they turn various shades of pinks, purples and reds at sunset depending on the season and atmospheric conditions. Sandia is watermelon in Spanish.

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