Troubleshooting Cyberspace


I got home very late from an evening of troubleshooting various issues, and updating email configurations on all the desktop computers at the office after we upgraded and migrated the mail to a new server. After nearly 18 hours of messing with everything from medicating kitties, working on plumbing, negotiating road construction, and avoiding car crashes on wet streets, spending the evening troubleshooting email issues left me wanting to just plain shoot cyberspace.


19 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Cyberspace

    • Thanks, Janet! It’s my job, and we’ve made major changes and upgrades to our web servers. It’s been completely seamless for our clients, but a lot of work for the staff behind the scenes. Like tonight, I put in a lot of ours, so our staff will not really know there was a change.

  1. Great photo! Sometimes technology can be a bit much. I’m so glad I’m not the one in our department that does the server maintenance… people have no idea what all they do to keep things going 🙂

    • Major migrations are not fun at all. I spent most of the day dealing with email issues. Since we had to change the IP address on the new mail server, some of our clients’ Microsoft Exchange Servers black listed out domain and bounce out emails. Here’s one of Microsoft’s brilliant features — in the bounced mail they give you an address to request they take your domain off the blacklist; however, your request to be removed from the blacklist gets rejected because your domain is on the blacklist.

      • Oh my gosh! That is very time consuming for you I am sure! I always wondered how you get those off the blacklist once on the blacklist! Very interesting! I know I drive our IT guys crazy with all my requests for this! I bet that gets tiring troubleshooting but then that is what you do and you are probably wonderful at it! 😀

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