Did Walter White Eat Here?


I heard the Dog House was in “Breaking Bad”, but I have never seen the show.  I drive by the Dog House quite often, but I have never eaten there. So while I’ve seen the Dog House, I’ve never been there, and while the Dog House is in “Breaking Bad”, I’ve never seen it.


23 thoughts on “Did Walter White Eat Here?

  1. I haven’t seen the show, either…
    It was nice to wake up to an Albuquerque pic this morning, though! Everyone here is really, really nice. I cannot believe how nice everyone is. But, New Mexico is home (even though I have never been to the Dog House 😉 ).

  2. I’m annoyed with Breaking Bad — it caused me to have to give up my favorite joke. You see, i was fond of quipping that “I’m just going to buy an old RV, move to the desert, and cook lizards for dinner.” The last time i said that, someone asked if i was going to start a lab… Darned show… I really liked making that joke.. . 😈
    Hugs to you and yours, Tim!

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