Civil Disobedience


“Sign, sign, everywhere a sign… Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?”



26 thoughts on “Civil Disobedience

  1. Ha!Ha! I needed a laugh. Beyond the laugh, beautiful street portraits.
    Makes me realize the “designated smoking areas” in all of the non-smoking facilities in West Texas may not be so irrational after all. 😉

    • Thanks, Susan! What’s especially silly about these signs are they are on a parking structure that’s glassed in behind the metal. There is a vacant lot across the street, and very few people walk be this building. To be 50 feet from the parking structure, you have to be in the middle of the street.

    • I think they need to take down the signs, as this almost a no mans land since the feds moved to the other side of downtown and PNM abandoned their building. We walk by it on our way to lunch once in a while. It’s curious that we seem to be the only people that walk by the building, as I never see other people walking either direction past that side of the parking structure. Some planner had an idea that this would be a busy area (thus the no smoking signs, I suppose), because there are several spaces on the structure for street vendors to rent (the glass on the left in the second photo is one of them). Like right! Vacant lots and abandoned streets are great locations for street vendors.

      • Do you mean the PNM building across from a fed building that housed a post office? And on the other side it had an elevated bridge to another building? Wow… i didn’t know they had moved. I contracted with them for 6 months when i first moved to NM. I know the company has been through huge changes (& not all of them good)…

  2. Those guys are idiots.

    By the way, make sure to initiate contact with William tomorrow by asking him how the Packers did. That’ll get him going (losers!).

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  3. I’d rather have them out there than inside… as a former smoker from decades ago I can’t tolerate the smell… so sign or no sign just keep it outside!!!!

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