Happy Solstice from the Ancients



After dealing with hot water heater issues at Tristan’s house on Sunday, Solstice morning, we climbed the escarpment and photographed some of the lesser known petroglyphs in the Petroglyph National Monument.

Not sure of this one — turtle, beetle, horned toad, alien?


A mix of old and modern petroglyphs: the bear foot and thundercloud are old the rest of the markings are modern


There is a face that looks like a cat, what looks like a sun wheel, a lizard, and fish and what looks like a crescent moon that are very faint on this chunk of lava. Can you find them?


Thunder Being


View of the Sandias from the top of the lava flow. The petroglyphs are on south face of the escarpment of this lava flow.


View of the volcanos that produced the lava flows.




36 thoughts on “Happy Solstice from the Ancients

  1. Awesome. A nice solstice day outing for sure. The petroglyphs fascinate me. I used some in one of my works in progress (Novel Writing Monty 2013). Hopefully one day i’ll get to re-work it the way i want. But there are other fish to fry right now. Hugs!

    • Thanks, Janna! I grew up with the petroglyphs, so they always seemed so normal to me. Long before the area became a National Park, I raced on the motocross tracks they had on the top of the flow and later I raced mountain bikes around the volcanos. How things have changed. It’s all protected now.

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