The Shine


Laura and Holly having their shoes and boots shined at Model Shoe Shine Parlor on Gold, a couple of doors down from our office.










36 thoughts on “The Shine

    • Thanks, Lavinia. Model has been there since 1936, and I don’t think it’s changed a whole lot since then. Therefore, it’s like being in another day and age. It’s actually one of the really cool aspects about the place. I was hoping the B&W photos would get that feeling across.

  1. LOL… My head must be in a bad place. I saw the title and wondered where you were going with “The Shine.” All i could think of was a maniacally laughing Jack Nicholson!
    Those are fabulous shots — especially the black and white. And man can that guy get a pair of shoes to shine! My dad was big on a pair of well polished shoes. That’s about the only memory i have of the two of us doing anything together — polishing our shoes.
    Thanks Tim — for starting the day with a nice memory (once i got past ole Jack). 😀

    • Thanks, Teagan! I’m so happy to start your Monday with a nice memory. I don’t think I ever saw the “Shining”, was that what it was called?, but I know of it from all the images of a crazy looking Nicholson. I didn’t even think about that movie when I made the title.

  2. really enjoyed these photos, didn’t know there were still shoe shiners around! i remember having to polish my own school shoes with a tin of kiwi black, a brush, a rag, and my grandad’s special ingredient: spit to make them really shine so’s you could see your face in them 😉

  3. Terrific. Love the b & w. Lends to the ambience. We have that service at the airport in British Columbia. You aren’t totally dressed without well-shined shoes. It would be like riding a horse with broken reins. Looks like a different era!

  4. This is so interesting! I don’t even know if there are still fancy places like this in Brasil to get the shoes shining… And also, I don’t think I ever saw a girl getting this kid of job. Nowadays is a service provided to men on the streets.

  5. A rare find. the last one we had in C. Springs was at the old Continental Trailways bus station in downtown. When the bus station moved a few blocks away, the shoe shine business went out of business.

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