Hazy Day at the Dump


I took a load of green trash to the dump yesterday. The sky was clear, but there was a haze in the air that muted the light.





18 thoughts on “Hazy Day at the Dump

    • Thanks, Miz Shaaz! It’s interesting that it reminds you of Convoy. A lot of Convoy was filmed in New Mexico and I remember watching then build sets on Hwy 44 between Bernalillo and Placitas and then watching them film a crash scene.

      On another movie, did you see Gamer from 2009? A lot of that movie was filmed behind my office. They took my parking space for 3 months in the making of Gamer. It was petting interesting watching some of the stunts. One night we were trying to go out the back door and they had a dead guy propped up against our back door. Another day they set a guy on fire and he ran around in flames outside our back door. Another day I was on the phone with a client and we couldn’t talk because of all the gunfire during the scene they were filming out our back door. The client, who was out-of-state, was surprised to hear gunfire in the background. I told him we were in a rough neighborhood. πŸ™‚

      • Bahahahahahahaoh ‘I told him we were in a rough neighborhood’ LMAO… I didn’t see ‘Gamer’ but i will look for it on Netflix tomorrow. And WOW!! ‘Convoy’ was one of my favorite movie’s growing up, i had no idea where it was filmed, and you watched them build the set, and saw the crash scene??!! wayyyy coooolllll!!!!!!!!

      • Gamer is better than I expected, I think you will enjoy it.. Did you see Wild Hogs? That starts in the restaurant next door to our office. Another movie that was much better than I expected it to be.

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