Love Spat

Spunk giving Najar a sissy paw challenge with his left paw.


Spunk and Najar had a little spat initiated by Spunk. However, Najar is standing up to Spunk these days and in many cases she is stalking and attacking him first. Spunk doesn’t quite know what to think of being stalked and attacked, since he has been the aggressor up until we introduced Najar into the mix.

But he was faking and surprises her with a right jab, after she took his sissy paw bait.


But Najar is quick and counters with a right hook.


Spunk comes back with a left, while Najar gives him a punching bag paddling.


Spunk tries to sneak in a kitty kiss with an attempted take down.


But Najar pushes him off and defends herself with an all claws alert.


She finely pulls out the mad dogs and Spunk, seeing she is serious, starts his exit.




45 thoughts on “Love Spat

    • She is really displaying cat-like behavior these days and going between bouts of sweetness, where she acts like she wants to lay on our lap forever, and attacking us. She is really getting to be playful, so Spunk isn’t pestering the older kitties to play as much. Thanks, Lavinia!

  1. Cat fight! It’s always interesting to see how they have these spats, then shortly after are curled up together, groomer each other. Or at least some cats do.

  2. I am so thrilled to see the perfectly timed pictures with the absolute live captions! 😀 and of course, the comments section always makes me click on each post to see the story unravel behind its making 😀

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