White Lace Dawn, Black Lace Dusk


We had several inches of snow in the morning, but the snow and clouds were almost all gone by sunset.




37 thoughts on “White Lace Dawn, Black Lace Dusk

  1. Both of the images are gorgeous! Last night I thought the trees up here might look like the first one, but we got such wind that there was no snow on the trees here this morning. I’m glad you were able to photograph that! It is lovely!

  2. Both views are beautiful, Tim. I especially like the colors and contrast in the sunset. That’s a terrific thing about Albuquerque — even a foot of snow is usually gone by sunset. Hugs. 😀

  3. Timothy, both of the photos are outstanding! I’m going to put both of them in the gallery, as I’m including sunrises now. The White Lace Dawn is awesome, and there’s a sunrise behind the white lace. Thanks! Christine

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