Through The Pink Blinds Darkly


Najar is taking after Spunk, playing behind and through the blinds. She’s not as aggressive as Spunk, but she competes on cute poses. You can see Spunk’s “Blind Attack” atΒ








40 thoughts on “Through The Pink Blinds Darkly

  1. Najar and Spunk are a good match! She is cute – all of them are! I know the cat-in-the-blinds routine well. I just had to take the one in my office down for repair. One of the cords was chewed in two… They really hate blinds in the way of bird viewing, and closed doors of any kind.

    Future photo request – for the waning cyle of the moon coming up. When the moon gets down to a crescent, on a good clear night the remaining visible moon and silhouette look like one big eye in the sky, looking off into the Universe.

    • Thanks, Lavinia! They are a good match and as Najar is growing and getting more comfortable with everyone, she’s handling Spunk a lot better.

      The next waning crescent is on Feb 15, rising at 3:52 am, which means I won’t see in coming over the Sandias until around 4:30 am. The waxing crescent will happen on Feb 21 raising at 8:27 am and setting at 21:24. It will probably be easier to get the waxing crescent in the evening of the 21st, but if I wake up early on the 15th, I’ll see what I can get.

  2. You know which homes have cats by all the broken-out Venetian blinds in the windows! Ha! (My two cats have ruined their share, but it’s for a good purpose: to watch birds at a feeder on one side of the house, and in a fir tree on the other.

    • Our cats have free access to the catio where they can be outside and watch birds through the wire, but I guess there’s something special about sitting on the window sill behind the mini blinds watching birds and whatever else is happening on the other side of the window. Thanks!

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