Red Hot Wheels


Red hot wheels in Downtown Albuquerque — red Porsche 911 Carrera and red Audi R8.



19 thoughts on “Red Hot Wheels

      • The car reminded me of a coworker from long ago – he said he passed by a little red sports car at a dealership. The car winked a headlight and waved a fender at him, and he was sold… 🙂

      • I think they actually do that sometimes! I went by the dealer to see what the possibility of ordering Laurie’s car was, because they were in really short supply. They were unloading the one I got Laurie as I drove into the dealership. The salesman said he was just starting to call the people on the waiting list, but I could buy it if I wanted it. Her car was still bubble wrapped from shipping when I bought it, so beside the 3 miles the dealer put on it taking it out to fill it with gas after they prepped it, we are the only drivers of her car.

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