Burned Out


Burned out bosque at the north end of Corrales taken after sunset.



36 thoughts on “Burned Out

    • Remember how Yellowstone had a particularly bad fire that consumed a quarter of the park? Or the eruption of Mt. St. Helens? Nature wasted no time repopulating the “dead zones” with new plant life, which attracted invertebrates, then vertebrates, until there was a different but still vibrant and new established habitat! We miss what was there, but need to remember nature works things out, fire renews, and many plants benefit from the removal of excess litter. Lodgepole pine seeds, in fact, need fire to begin the process of reseeding and regrowth. The prairie fires that scared pioneers (and modern inhabitants in grasslands, to be sure) brought on new growth that, in turn, attracted bison and other “edibles”. The native peoples knew this, and deliberately started fires to encourage new growth.

    • Two years ago, if I remember correctly. It was started by a person associated with the fire department who was smoking. They claimed it was an e-cigarette, but I think they were full of it. Thanks, Lavinia!

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