Photo of the Day, Etc has moved

I moved Photo of the Day, Etc to T&L Photos at You can see my daily photos, blog and more at T&L Photos. You can subscribe to the blog via RSS. You can also follow at

To get email notifications of my daily blog posts, sign into and paste into the Search Blogs field on It will find T & L Photo: Blog. Click on the box with +Follow and tell it to send you email notifications of my blog posts.


15 thoughts on “Photo of the Day, Etc has moved

  1. I’m not too clever when it comes to PC’s etc. How do I do this RSS thing and thus – I think – get a prompt to keep up with your work? Sorry if I come over as thick, truth is I am!

    • Depends on your browser. Firefox should ask you where you want the RSS feed: bookmark bar or bookmarks. Safari’s RSS feed is under the @ symbol in when the sidebar bookmarks menu is opened. Chrome and IE should be similar, but I do use either, so I can say for sure how they handle RSS.

      • Cheers. I don’t have a mobile phone and the Android thing they gifted me a while back is beyond my comprehension However ‘Chrome’ I know – the rest I’ve never heard of! This is a job for my son methinks. Leave it with me.

      • If you use Windows the default browser is IE (Internet Explorer). If you use a Mac the default browser is Safari. If you use something like a Chromebook, the default browser is probably Chrome. You have to install Firefox on any of the above platforms.

  2. Nice feline photo there, and love the featured one from before of the old place/window and graffiti. I’ll figure out how to follow there eventually. No place to make a comment there though, is there. The main thing is that you have the place where you can showcase your excellent photography the way you want it to be. It deserves center stage.
    Hugs! 😀

    • You can comment on the blog on T&L Photos. I just can’t reply the same way. I have to add a comment to reply. There’s a subscribe with RSS and every time I post it will show up in your RSS feed in your browser.

  3. HI my friend I know you moved…and I noticed you liked a post I had restored. I’ve healed since then and was going to rehide it but I thought well if you did read about my past I guess it is better that it not be a secret to my friends. If you didn’t read then that is so so so a blessing! I rather you think I’m not who I am which makes this kind of a stupid comment to make but nevertheless I feel that I should as I feel I know you more then most! Now being a dude you are probably thinking OMG what is she talking about and if you don’t respond I will hide myself again! LOL However I will visit your blog! 😀

    • Yes I read it and gave it a like, but couldn’t comment because the comments are closed. Your story made me sad to think about the abuse, and your stormy life. Mothers should nurture not abuse as you noted.

      • Wow I had no idea sharing that would make it show up again…I am healed in this area but little pockets pop up in my life. I like to think I got it all together and then I like to show people where I came from but it is not who I am now. But as you know life is hard and through those trials we grow stronger. I’m thankful that if it had to be anyone it is you! Now you know the deeper me I look at my girl and I think what an awesome miracle. I have your church photo one the wall of my home. I think of you every time I look at it. You should have signed it! What a blessing!

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