How To Get Email Notifications of My Blog Posts at T & L Photos

To get email notifications of my daily photos and blog posted at T & L Photos, sign into and paste into the Search blogs field on It will find T & L Photo: Blog. Click on the box with +Follow and tell it to send you email notifications of my blog posts.

26 thoughts on “How To Get Email Notifications of My Blog Posts at T & L Photos

  1. Thank you!!!! The link worked just fine for me.
    I was really getting frustrated with no email notifications about posts. This solves that problem, and all the issues I was having about the new home. Thanks for this. ~ Susan

      • Timothy, not getting any photos from you lately in Only got you there one time. Then, I started getting a ton of other people. So I unsubscribed. How do I just get your photos? Or do I have to put up with a daily list of others too? If so I’ll go back and subscribe again. Thanks! Christine

      • HI Christine. Hmmm! I’m not where I can check the bloglovin notifications I get. I get them daily, but never look assuming they are for my blog that I subscribed to see how it worked. I’ll look and see what’s been coming in when I get home tonight.

      • Christine, Live bookmarks on Firefox will let you get email notifications through the RSS feed. You can probably do the same with RSS options in other browsers.

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