Blue Moon

The blue moon:


12 thoughts on “Blue Moon

  1. Magic – and YOU took that close-up????? Perhaps you should work for NASA!!! absolutely magnificent – both of them!!!!! Thanks for ordering the battery charger – I will get a check over to you tomorrow – it arrived yesterday just as planned!!! P.

  2. I absolutely love moon pictures. Your’s are stunning!

    I remember a day when I was about 13/14 and my mom was taking me back home from school. We had a straight long avenue ahead and the moon seemed to be waiting for us at the end of the avenue. It was SO big and yellow! I felt like we were driving onto the moon. And I also remember asking my mom “is this right? is it real?”. I don’t now… Words can’t describe how amazed I was.

    • What a beautiful memory Lari! The moon rising just over the horizon can look so big that it doesn’t seem real. Thanks!

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