Off the Wall

Over the top and down the wall:


10 thoughts on “Off the Wall

      • Wow… That’s definitely more than me. I have the combination of no bathroom on the living level (i have to go either up or down a floor every time) and a peanut sized bladder. So I am on the stairs a lot! But i don’t think it adds up to 36 flights. On laundry days it might break 20, but not 36! LOL. Keep up the good work.

      • You need something like a Fitbit, a version that counts floors. The last few versions of iOS has a health app that is on iPhones that counts steps and, I believe, floors as well. I don’t know if Android phones have anything built into them that will count steps and floors. But then you have to remember to take your phone with you every time you go up stairs (I know a lot of people have their phones with them no matter where they are — like me and my camera). You might be surprised how many floors a peanut sized bladder will cause you to climb every day.

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