The Buckeye & the Bee

A butterfly and a bee:


24 thoughts on “The Buckeye & the Bee

  1. I always prefer butterflies with bright colours, but since I was a kid I like the buckeye.
    From a very young age till now, I watch “Nature” TV programs and I love to learn about “tricks” animals and insects have, such as those multiple eyes. For a long while, they believed those eyes create the fake idea of a larger insect and drive off predators. More recently, as I read and saw, they started believing that “extravagant” look may not be assimilated as eyes by the predators, but still be effective to send a message that can save the butterfly: I’m toxic. As my knowledge about all this is limited, I’ll end this comment by saying: regardless the reason for the eyes, nature is fascinating!

    • Thanks, Lari! I would think that in more wooded areas, the buckeye would camouflage well on trees because the circles will look like knots in the wood. They tend to stand out in our desert environment, which I think they are just passing through on their way somewhere else as I rarely see buckeyes around here.

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